Desires & Despises

For beauty is always Cruel...
Let destiny in chains commence...
Damnation under Gods seeking recompense
Enslaving to the whims of this Mistress

That which delights and that which I despise.

Heed well these lists, if you would have rapport with me. I can not stand when some one says they have seen my site, then proceeds to be an ass!

But if tho art a gentleman, then I would have no problem with interaction.

Dancing through a night of Lycanthropic ecstasy with my friends and lovers, I write dark tales and poetry that I post here.

So if the darkness calls and eyes from an abyss watch with maleficent glee. Look thee behind the mirror, casting no reflection, it just might be me.

Composite of me and a image by Olivia


  1. Being treated as a lady by a gentleman
  2. Honesty, intelligence and compassion
  3. Dancing and seduction
  4. Gardenias and Honeysuckle
  5. Theater and movies, especially titles that are "off the wall" or avant garde
  6. Dark poetry
  7. Discussing that which is "taboo", Sex, politics, and religion
  8. Rides on motorcycles
  9. Computer graphics and web design
  10. Nights in a cemetery
  11. Port wine


  1. Crude opening lines or comments
  2. Fundamentalists and those that are bigoted and/or prejudice
  3. "Ganstas" and all that goes with that
  4. Men that kiss like they are giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  5. Insensitivity and over-inflated egos
  6. Dishonesty
  7. Men that have their brains in their pants
  8. Women that don't have brains
  9. People that take themselves way to seriously
  10. People that contact me only for sex