Dark Realms

moon phases
Well versed in misery
We have lain naked in darkest ravines
Low the sun has set in slumber, We delight
Like serpents in arousal
Coiled to strike at the light

Dark Realms

Here are some of my favorite haunts and places of interest here in Houston. From clubs where I go dancing, concert venues, and shops and such.

If you have a business or know of a place that should be listed here, please contact me and let me know.

Composite of me and a image by Armando

My Houston Haunts

Nite Clubs

Wednesday nights is actually NOT Boys & Girls Club at 1415. I know they locked their doors not to long ago but are now open and as I understand it it is back to playing the good music. The drinks are on the cheap and the place gets really packed. There is no web site, yet, but as soon as I have more I will post it. Located at 1415 California St. Click here for map.

Underworld / Numbers
Monthly, is Underworld, what used to be Houston's oldest Goth club. Now there will only be monthly events, so you may wish to check out their site to get the details of what is happening and when. Click here for map.

Kaos / Numbers
Thursday nights is Kaos. Now the Numbers' web site has no details, but I understand that the Some of the DJs from Havok play their. So I guess I will have to get by there and see what I dig up. Click here for map.

Number's Classic
Fridays nights it's Numbers Night Club, the original & most authentic & attended 80s night in town. $6, 9pm, DJ Wes Wallace and the #1 80s nite in town! .50 cent Shiner & Bud on tap ALL NIGHT (or till it runs out) $1.25 well drinks & $1.50 domestic till 11pm. Located at 300 Westheimer. Click here for map.

Saturday nights it's Havok at Middle Earth night club. Doors open at 8PM and stay open until 4am (BYOB). Spinning a mix everything dark and underground, plus other favorite industrial, goth, synthpop, punk, metal, subculture 80s, dance EBM. Two Dance Rooms, Sunken Dance Pit, Video Screens, 2 Stories, Theatre Seating, Arcade Machines, and much more... $2.75 set ups, 18 and up - IDs required Click here for map.

Concert Venues

Some of the biggest names have performed here. Located at 300 Westheimer. No Dress Code, No Waitresses, No Valet and No Attitude. Click here for map.

Engine Room
Live music bar of garage rockers here that range from voting age to Generation Y, with tattoos, Skechers and pocket chains. Located at 1515 Pease St.! Click here for map.

This deliciously feral alternative rock club is the hangout of choice for punks of all ages. Located at 2706 White Oak. Click here for map.

Places Of Interest

Comming Soon.


Jewel's Crossdresser's Boutique
Crossdressers Boutique

A great place to shop for the Transgendered Comunity. Tell Jewel I said "Hi".

If you have a business or know of a place that should be listed here, please contact me and let me know.