Desires & Despises

I am as dusk come to ravish the light
Steal me from their stares and mute christ into night
I will answer thy prayers
If thou Wouldst drink of my life....

Dark Accolades

These are some of the awards my site has won. Nothing like self promotion. [evil grin]

I am also going to be giving out awards very soon. I will list the categories and the qualifications. If you know of a site that should be considered for one of these awards,or a suggestion for an award category, you can submit it by evoking the darkness .

Composite of me and the cover of 'Cruelty & The Beast'

Awards I Have Received

Dark Value Award

Awards from

~Belos has awarded the "Dark Value Award". I did not know what the hell it was for at first but here are ~Belos's own words on it:

"It is reserved only for you ladies that I feel demonstrate why gothic feminine beauty is, what it is...........damn wicked ;)
I usually just give out the regular dark model one, I think I've given this out only to about 7 other Models so far........just a special/private thanks from me."

So I am now "officially "Damn Wicked", hmmm, I like the sound of that.

Best Dark Model Award I Have Seen Thine Site~And~Thour Hast Rocked

~Belos has also awarded me the "Best Dark Model Award" Never thought as myself as a model. Hmm, maybe I could get a job modeling for the Thomas Road Baptist Church's brochures and web site?

The other one is pretty much self explanatory. Thanks ~Belos, your pretty cute yourself.

Awards I Give

Order of the Dark Angle~ Awarded for the Best Forum
Awarded For The Best Message Forum

The first recipient of this award was Elizabeth's Dark Castle.

Keeper of the Labyrinth~ Awarded For The Best Site to Discover Hidden Content
Awarded For The Best Site to Discover Hidden Content

The first recipient of this award was ~Belos and his site